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What will you and your employees do during retirement?

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How can you make your perfect retirement happen?

These are just a few of the questions we think about every day. We’ve found that it starts with imagining where we want to be at retirement—and together we can help drive the planning you need to make you and your employees’ retirement dreams a reality.


Holistic investing approach – traditional and non-traditional investments

Over 90% of investors rely on traditional investments of stocks, bonds and mutual funds. But that’s changing. More and more investors are expressing interest in non-traditional investments including real estate, LLCs, promissory notes, private equity, REITs, private stock, tax liens, and certain precious metals. Can your retirement plan include both? Yes! Imagine Plans is a retirement plan featuring the opportunity to select flexible options with unlimited plan possibilities—that meet your endless imagination.

Imagine Plans offers an innovative plan that can hold both traditional investments and non-traditional investments for qualified participants, and maintain full fiduciary oversight and standards. How is this possible?

Imagine Plans creates build-to-suit retirement plans, molding to fit plan and participant needs built on the core foundation of clients’ interests of primary concern, no conflicts of interest, no hidden fees, and completely ERISA, IRS and DOL compliant.

About Imagine Plans

It’s a plan that’s a win-win for you and your employees—providing a differentiated benefit plan to attract and retain top talent with the opportunity to imagine and build the perfect retirement.

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One Plan for All

Imagine Plans is one plan that can easily manage traditional and non-traditional investments through a conflict-free, open-investment, fiduciary-friendly platform providing freedom and control in a safe environment.

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Resources via Single Login

Imagination is the start…but it takes education about non-traditional investments to make it happen—tools and calculators to run the numbers, collateral to get the facts, and forms to take action.

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